Film Project

Hi everyone!

If you or someone you know has had any experience with the issue of consent/sexual violence, we would like to hear from you.

We are aiming to make a series of short films which focus on a survivor sharing their experience. We hope that by doing this people will better understand the issue of consent, and realise the long-term effects that sexual assault can have on a person.

There’s no restriction on who you have to be to take part, we want a full and fair representation of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and age.

(Check out our very talented filmmaker Caleb’s vimeo!)


Our aim with these posters was to raise awareness of sexual harassment in pubs/bars/clubs (originally in our hometown of Brighton, but spreading across the country) and try to diminish the amount of sexual assaults that occur way way too often. It’s a small step in the massive effort needed to dismantle rape culture, but every movement counts, and we have tons of exciting things lined up in the future!

Look out for these posters designed by the wonderful Ella Morris, around Brighton and making their way up to Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Swansea, Aberystwth, London, Norwich, Southampton, Birmingham + many more!

If any of you lovely people based in the UK would like to see these posters up in your local area, give us a message and get involved in our project!

consent-is-enthusiastic-poster do-you-have-consent-poster if-you-feel-unsafe-tell-someone-now-poster respect-peoples-boundaries-poster their-silence-is-not-consent-poster you-dont-owe-them-anything-poster