Our Aims

#ConsentinClubs is an initiative launched in September of this year, which aims to diminish sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape in clubs/bars/pubs, as well as promote safe and enjoyable nightlife through education and preventative measures, with a focus on eliminating victim blaming.

The most immediate aspect of the project is numerous informative ‘consent posters’ which are being plastered in clubs, bars, and pubs nationwide. The posters are all gender neutral and provide educational slogans and a relevant helpline, and are currently being distributed not only in our base in Brighton and Hove, but across the UK in cities like London, Edinburgh, Bristol, and expanding further.

Rape culture across the world is a hugely important issue, and although a lot of the time it feels too big a problem to even begin to try and solve, there are ways everyone can help. Unlearning and deconstructing behaviours that you’ve been performing since birth is a good place to start. Question your friends, challenge their problematic actions, don’t doubt your friend when they open up about harassment or assault, stop assuming that all sexual offences are committed are cisgender and heterosexual, and of the male perpetrator/female victim dynamic. Sexual assault, harassment, and rape is an all-encompassing issue that could affect anyone, and it is vital that we, as a society, start to believe survivors when they speak up, and support them regardless if they decide not to.

#ConsentInClubs strives to amplify the voices of survivors, and provide people internationally with the resources to fight rape culture wherever they may be based. Keep up to date with our newest projects (and there are quite a few!) by bookmarking this page, following us on twitter andinstagram, and liking our facebook page We are always looking to expand our campaign with new partnerships and new stories, so if you have any interest in what we’re doing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email (consentinclubs@gmail.com) or by using our contact form.