Meet The Team


I founded this project as a result of realising that I needed to channel my frustrations and anger into something positive; enough was enough. I’ve always been passionate and very determined when it comes to issues regarding sexual assault and consent, I’m confident that I can and will instigate change for the better. My role is to oversee the campaign, ensure we’re meeting with the right people, collaborate with other organisations and like-minded people to maximise impact, and do a whole tonne of admin work to guarantee that things are progressing as they should. The aim is for the conversation around consent to become mainstream, and for this culture of victim blaming to be put to an end.


For me, Consent in Clubs was the reaction to realising the harsh realities of rape culture through experience. I am still shocked by the lack of belief in survivors, the lack of willing to do anything about it, and the lack of knowledge about consent. Consent in Clubs is a positive movement designed to educate and support, and tackle these issues. I want to shine a light on the issue of consent, and how prevalent sexual assault is, especially amongst young people. I have grown very tired of apathy within my peer group, particularly when addressing the issue of sexual assault – and I refuse to be quiet about it any more.


It continues to baffle me why an issue as fundamental as consent is so overlooked everywhere. Consent in Clubs has given me the opportunity to, in some way, contribute to opening a conversation around the issues of sexual assault and consent (which I am very grateful for!) and make some kind of positive change, no matter how small. Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported, and I believe that through education and discussion this can be achieved. My role is to assist the campaign in any way I can, whether that be through creative inputs, structural organisation or admin. I am extremely dedicated to helping this project achieve its aims and am excited to see it progress!


The majority of my involvement in Consent in Clubs is working on a video project, which we are massively excited to be launching in April. Before I stumbled upon Consent in Clubs I was very uneducated and unaware of how common sexual assault/sexual violence is in our society. Working on this project has resulted in me talking to so many of my close friends about their own experiences of sexual assault- experiences that I was wholly unaware had happened. Now I want to do what I can to help fuel the conversation on consent and bring the reality that so many would rather ignore to the surface. Having been producing short films for many years I’ve had the chance to work on a variety of projects, but collaborating with Consent in Clubs has been the best and most important yet.


Over the past few years my eyes have been opened indirectly to the effects that sexual assault can have on someone and it scares me to see that in our society people are far too quick to push these prevalent issues aside. Consent in Clubs has allowed me to channel a frustration at the lack of knowledge around the issues of consent into something productive. The discussion can’t be avoided any longer, and I want to help in whatever way I can, to make it impossible to ignore what is going on around us everyday anymore.

Also a massive thank you to Ella Morris who helped us design the posters and brought our vision to life, we absolutely couldn’t have done it without your amazing talent.