Meet The Team


I founded this project as a result of realising that I needed to channel my frustrations and anger into something positive; enough was enough. I’ve always been passionate and very determined when it comes to issues regarding sexual assault and consent, I’m confident that I can and will instigate change for the better. My role is to oversee the campaign, ensure we’re meeting with the right people, collaborate with other organisations and like-minded people to maximise impact, and do a whole tonne of admin work to guarantee that things are progressing as they should. The aim is for the conversation around consent to become mainstream, and for this culture of victim blaming to be put to an end.



It continues to baffle me why an issue as fundamental as consent is so overlooked everywhere. Consent in Clubs has given me the opportunity to, in some way, contribute to opening a conversation around the issues of sexual assault and consent (which I am very grateful for!) and make some kind of positive change, no matter how small. Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported, and I believe that through education and discussion this can be achieved. My role is to assist the campaign in any way I can, whether that be through creative inputs, structural organisation or admin. I am extremely dedicated to helping this project achieve its aims and am excited to see it progress!