Our aim with these posters was to raise awareness of sexual harassment in pubs/bars/clubs (originally in our hometown of Brighton, but spreading across the country) and try to diminish the amount of sexual assaults that occur way way too often. It’s a small step in the massive effort needed to dismantle rape culture, but every movement counts, and we have tons of exciting things lined up in the future!

Look out for these posters designed by the wonderful Ella Morris, around Brighton and making their way up to Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Swansea, Aberystwth, London, Norwich, Southampton, Birmingham + many more!

If any of you lovely people based in the UK would like to see these posters up in your local area, give us a message and get involved in our project!

consent-is-enthusiastic-poster do-you-have-consent-poster if-you-feel-unsafe-tell-someone-now-poster respect-peoples-boundaries-poster their-silence-is-not-consent-poster you-dont-owe-them-anything-poster

One thought on “#CONSENTinCLUBS Posters”

  1. Hello could I use your posters in a campaign I am trying to set up in Southend. I’ve started a campaign called NOT OKAY with the same intentions as yourself. I am sick of the constant harassment and feeling of anxiety people feel when simply dancing with friends. I would love any advice you could give me regarding the topic?
    Ria pelling

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